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Velma’s solutions deliver business results for mortgage lenders through compelling experiences for borrowers, prospects, partners, and employees.

Our automation solutions integrate directly with existing system of records, such as the loan origination system (LOS), to enable data-driven workflows and unmatched loan processing efficiency and accuracy. State of the art marketing automation and engagement technology coupled with multi-channel communication builds lasting relationships, more referrals, better retention, and more closed loans.

Our Solutions

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Built for lenders using the Encompass® LOS, Connector takes Encompass to the next level by automating workflows and communications. This includes compliance workflow solutions such as ECOA, in-process communications, relationship building with your partners, and marketing automation to identify, convert, and retain clients.

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Velma CRM provides quality marketing automation and messaging for mortgage lenders and builds strong relationships for Loan Officers, which results in a never-ending pipeline of repeat and referral business. Our brand management capabilities, impactful content library, and easy to use interface make Velma CRM the choice of marketing managers and LO’s alike.

What our customers say

Quote icon Velma Connector has allowed us to provide more communication to our end users. This ensure that even the busiest of users are kept up to date with task they need to complete. The ECOA process alone has saved users hours of manual data entry.”

Jody Sims System Engineer

Quote icon The overall performance of the Velma Connector is really outstanding. Not only is the compliance a win but the loans require way less resources to manage. We gained efficiency and accuracy.”

Joseph Prettner VP Compliance Operations &
Project Manager

Quote icon Velma Connector has added a needed level to customer facing communications as well as automation of compliance procedures. Not only is Velma Connector a great marketing tool, but it is also an invaluable asset in client, internal staff and external agent communications and automations. We are constantly expanding the toolkit for added efficiencies and gains in ROI.”

Bill Richardson Chief Information Officer

Quote icon I must say, setting up the Auto-Campaign was ridiculously EASY. I love it.”

Matt Q. Loan Partner

Quote icon That’s exactly what we need! A system that will automatically send marketing based on the customer journey.”

Greg R. SVP

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