Hyper Personalization

Today's consumers demand you show them you know them. Adaptive images, content and calls to action are key.

Hyper Personalization means more engagement and acceleration of profitable conversations.

Consumers expect a personal experience. Sending the same images, the same content, and the same calls to action to every conusumer persona no longer works.

However, most mortgage CRMs and marketing systems still don't have the necessary technology to adapt their marketing outputs.

How does Velma provide the adaptive content consumers demand?

Loan Officer Signing

Adaptive content engines and mortgage marketing experience is the answer. Velma's contact strategies deliver proven results.

At every stage of the customer journey Velma adapts the campaigns, the images, the content, and the calls to action to get the applications, engagement and closed loan volume increases necessary for growth.

Keys to success

Hands free marketing

Valued content

  • Engaging newsletters
  • Personal messages
  • Proven call to actions

Proper cadence

  • Event based drip campaigns
  • Monthly or weekly newsletters

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