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Don’t waste money on solutions that don’t get used; Velma markets for each LO whether they log in or not.

There’s a dirty little secret in the mortgage CRM business

Businessman Holding a Laptop

Most Loan Officers don’t like CRMs. They don’t like logging in, keying in data, setting reminders, and pouring over dashboards. It’s added work and complexity they don’t need.

However, mortgage executives love CRMs and the promise of having all producers market like top producers.

How do we reconcile these opposing views on Customer Relationship Management?

Loan Officer Signing

Automation is the answer. Velma automates marketing using the existing data you are already collecting in your LOS and other solutions.

Every time a LO starts a pre-qual, closes a loan, or any other status change for prospects, partners, or clients can trigger a custom marketing event or campaign. Additionally, regular, consistent campaigns are going out from the get-go.

Each Loan Officer is now leveraging their contacts like a top producer by being consistently in front of them in a friendly, valuable way. And they didn’t even have to log in.

Keys to success

Hands free marketing

Valued content

  • Engaging newsletters
  • Personal messages
  • Proven call to actions

Proper cadence

  • Event based drip campaigns
  • Monthly or weekly newsletters

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