Digital Mortgage Fit

Velma supports your digital mortgage vision—even if you don’t have one.

Velma Stressed Features

Choosing the right marketing solution is stressful.

The team at Velma understands our solutions and services need to seamlessly fit into whatever direction your digital mortgage implementation takes. The last thing you need is to commit today to a marketing solution that won’t work with tomorrow’s business tools and processes. Because it's not about having the perfect plan or purchase, it’s about making decisions that keep your company thriving today and tomorrow.

So how do we do that?

How does Velma “future proof” our marketing services?

Velma Growth Features

How to future proof your CRM purchase

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We look at the ongoing transition to digital (aka “digital mortgage”) as enabling a more efficient, quality customer journey in an increasingly online world. See our Digital Mortgage and CRMs ebook for more information on Digital Mortgage and how to future proof your CRM purchase.

Keys to success

Be Data Friendly

  • Integrate third party data sources and databases
  • Avoid redundant data pools and complexity
  • Have an API strategy that supports your business operations

Flexible prospect or client communications

  • Multimedia communications including email, print, mail, gifts, social media, and SMS
  • Dynamically match all communication to individual and scenario
  • Data driven triggers for timely communication

Technology savvy and market knowledgeable

  • Security best practices
  • Services-oriented architecture
  • API strategy in place
  • Real world experience in mortgage market.

Reporting and analytics

  • Collect copious data and make available for business intelligence
  • Track marketing activities to know and optimize results
  • Identify what works and replicate
  • Respond to audits with confidence

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