Building Strong Relationships

Close more loans and lower marketing costs by building strong relationships.


Build business through marketing automation and the rule of 250.

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Relationship marketing is a simple, yet powerful and proven approach to building a pipeline of high value leads and increasing production. By staying in front of contacts and partners in a friendly and valuable way, your Loan Officers will be first in line for new mortgage work or prospect referrals. Velma provides the communication cadence and quality content needed so any Loan Officer can increase mindshare in their contact database.

Velma Process

An often overlooked advantage of relationship marketing is its low cost of operation. Implementing a marketing automation program and leveraging the "relationship law of 250" is probably the most cost effective way to build your company's production. (See our whitepaper for more information.) Given sales and marketing is the single most expensive component in origination operating costs, relationship marketing should be a priority for every lender.

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Contacts who refer Loan Officers to friends
Contacts who think of their Loan Officer organically
Contacts who think of their Loan Officer after relationship marketing
Close rate
Average revenue per loan

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Velma was founded in 2006 specifically to build stronger relationships. And it's more true today than ever – relationship marketing is the lowest cost and most effective way to build your business.

Keys to success

Focus on relationship quality

Valuable content

Build your brand

  • Consistent, professional brand on each piece
  • Personalize and be yourself
  • Have fun. Relationships are with people!

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