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Easily add robust outbound marketing features, services, and management to your software solution via our Marketing APIs and components.

Trigger custom tailored emails or postcards based on specific events, such as a prospect asking for a quote or opening an email.

Integrate live data into quote sheets specific to the prospect and agent. Delivery can be downloadable PDF, email, or even a postcard.

Offer awesome marketing content from the VFS libraries or custom built. Mail, print, email, and promotional gifts are all ready to go.

Deliver email and direct mail marketing at scale, without being a subject matter expert or managing disparate vendors.


VFS Dashboard

The VFS dashboard is the heart of VFS, providing a central access point for VFS features, status, and management tools.

VFS Dashboard
  • VFS Editor provides a robust editing experience across all media types (e.g. email, print, mail). The Editor can be embedded in your solution.
  • Data integration and custom presentation is enabled through the VFS Editor.
  • Self Print means ready to print, downloadable PDF's or JPEG's customized in the editor and tracked for reporting.
  • Library management makes it easy for users and admins to display and find products in a professional and effective manner.
  • Approval workflow is a powerful and intuitive process to manage approvals on a piece by piece basis.
  • Client management is a single point to manage different customers of your solution and their access to VFS features.
  • Reporting and Analytics to understand what has happened and to plan for the future.

Outbound Marketing Services

Easily execute multimedia communication at scale, in a quality and effective manner.

VFS Outbound Marketing Service
  • Email at scale with full CAN SPAM compliance, mobile responsive design, and high delivery rates.
  • Direct mail personalized and executed at scale (no managing print vendors or postage).
  • Gifts can celebrate the moment, such as flowers, food, or gift baskets. And custom branded items provide lasting brand awareness.
  • Social posting to popular social media accounts.
  • Campaign configuration to build multimedia, trigger based, drip campaigns by the client company marketing admins

Account asset management service

Store assets for each end user such as photos, industry license numbers, icons, and logos for each end user account. If your solution isn't currently storing unique assets per account, the VFS asset management service makes it easy to add.

VFS Acount Asset Management Service

Content Libraries and Design Services

  • Quality and effective relationship and industry specific marketing content ready to go
  • Marketing stacks for triggered drip campaigns
  • Design services available to present your brand and company image as you define
  • Build and edit your own products with the VFS editor
VFS Content Libraries and Design Services

Marketing APIs

The VFS APIs enable you to add these features are part of your solution. The APIs are built to support today’s apps and platforms, dramatically reducing your cost and time to market.

VFS Marketing APIs

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