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Velma CRM focuses on building strong relationships for the Loan Officer which result in a never-ending pipeline of repeat and referral business. Automated marketing campaigns, proven communication strategies, intuitive user interface, and on-demand marketing tools all make is easy to keep your customer yours.

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Our Solutions

Velma CRM provides quality marketing management and messaging, while seamlessly fitting into your business processes.

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Easily configure and execute your marketing strategy in an impactful way.

Marketing Automation

Have all your Loan Officers market like top producers, without lifting a finger.

  • Effective marketing automatically triggered and sent from the loan officer
  • Engaging newsletters, personal messages, and event based drip campaigns
  • Industry proven communication cadence and quality content

Corp Marketing

Directly market to all Loan Officers' contacts with corporate marketing. Leverage your reach and control brand and message.

  • Visibility to consolidated contact list across Loan Officers
  • Send on behalf of LO or use the company brand
  • On message and brand compliant

Contact Management

Each Loan Officer manages hundreds of prospects, past clients, and referral partners. Velma makes data mining and sales and marketing tactics easy.

  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Tag, filter, and market to your contacts
  • Set it and forget it auto campaigns
  • Tasks, calendars, and reminders
  • Contact, history, and loan data
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Approval workflows

Make sure your messaging reflects the quality and compliance your company demands.

  • Intuitive and efficient workflow
  • Full view of approval history and status
  • Ability to approve, edit, or decline
  • Implement at the document level
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Partner Management

Drive more partner referrals. Build strong relationships with realtors and other business partners.

  • Co-brand your marketing pieces
  • Manage partner photo, logo, and other contact details
  • Quality campaigns for Realtors and other business partners
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Quality multimedia content to achieve results and build your brand.

@ symbol icon Email Marketing

Velma’s email marketing expertise achieves results. Anyone can send emails, but don’t confuse activity with results.

  • High deliverability - Velma is the best in the business
  • Mobile responsive emails project quality on all devices
  • CAN SPAM compliant
  • Integrate with 3rd party data
  • Fully scalable

Print icon Print and Mail

Send world-class postcards and physical mail pieces to your prospects and partners. Physical mail together with email is the most effective way to market and Velma makes it easy.

  • Large lists or a single contact
  • Brand control by LO or piece
  • No vendor or list management

Document icon Flyers

Build Flyers on demand. Easily build Open House Flyers, Rate Sheets and more for partners and borrowers.

  • Integrate with Optimal Blue to provide compliant and accurate data
  • Eliminate error prone “cut and paste” work by Loan Offices
  • Proven effective flyer layouts and content
  • Downloadable PDF
  • Email link to partner
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Gift icon Gift Marketing

Gifts and promotional items. Personal gifts can make a powerful emotional, personal bond. Promotional items offer a branding opportunity.

  • Robust offerings
  • Easy to order on demand
  • Marketing automation options
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Share icon Social Media

Leverage the power of social media. Post marketing pieces to popular social media services.

  • Enable at a marketing piece level
  • Builds company and Loan Officer brand
  • Easy and manageable

Books icon Impactful Libraries

Velma's marketing piece libraries achieve results in the mortgage industry. Our email, mail, and self-print pieces instill confidence and generate action from your contacts.

  • Multiple libraries of hundreds of beautiful marketing pieces
  • Specific calls to action
  • Valuable content your contacts appreciate
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Fit and Finish Icon

Fit and Finish

Leverage existing workflows and solutions; track and improve results to boost your ROI.

Puzzle icon Integrations

Unleash the data in your LOS and other solutions. Velma’s professional services team, API's, and service oriented software architecture make it all possible.

  • LOS data can trigger marketing strategy and tactics
  • Live pricing data delivers accurate and compliant marketing
  • Eliminate managing duplicate databases

Settings icon Customization

Be yourself. Velma presents your unique company brand in a way that reflects who you are as a business.

  • Match brand colors in the marketing pieces
  • Custom layouts and pieces
  • Company custom “skin” and configuration
  • Custom marketing campaigns
  • Manage Loan Officer customization options
  • Don't settle for slapping a logo and photo on generic templates

Area graph icon Reporting and Analytics

Understand the effectiveness of your marketing and identify opportunities.

  • Access individual, branch, or company marketing history
  • Gain insights via analytics and data visualization
  • Business Intelligence analytics portals available
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User icon Account Management

Velma’s enterprise account managers work with your company’s marketing leaders. We help your understand marketing effectiveness and identify opportunities to improve.

  • Dedicated enterprise account manager
  • Understand effectiveness and activity across branches, campaigns, and individuals
  • Identify successes and opportunities together

What our customers say

Velma Connector has allowed us to provide more communication to our end users. This ensure that even the busiest of users are kept up to date with task they need to complete. The ECOA process alone has saved users hours of manual data entry.”

Jody Sims System Engineer

The overall performance of the Velma Connector is really outstanding. Not only is the compliance a win but the loans require way less resources to manage. We gained efficiency and accuracy.”

Joseph Prettner VP Compliance Operations &
Project Manager

Velma Connector has added a needed level to customer facing communications as well as automation of compliance procedures. Not only is Velma Connector a great marketing tool, but it is also an invaluable asset in client, internal staff and external agent communications and automations. We are constantly expanding the toolkit for added efficiencies and gains in ROI.”

Bill Richardson Chief Information Officer

I must say, setting up the Auto-Campaign was ridiculously EASY. I love it.”

Matt Q. Loan Partner

That’s exactly what we need! A system that will automatically send marketing based on the customer journey.”

Greg R. SVP

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Other Solutions

For Individuals

Velma CRM can also work for individual mortgage loan officers. Use all the CRM tools provided by Velma to grow your business, maintain relationships and build your brand. Packages for individual loan officers start at $79 per month with no long-term contracts.

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Velma Express

Ask us about Velma Express. A complimentary product to Velma’s CRM that is a one-stop portal for building flyers.

Features include:

  • Library of templates and designs
  • Tools for text, photo and color customization
  • Download PDFs on demand
  • Tools for social sharing and emails