Velma for
Individual Loan Officers

Employ Velma to grow your business by building your relationships and brand.

Work smarter, not harder

  • Be relentless in keeping your personal brand in front of your contacts through Velma's automated marketing features
  • Easily execute tasks with Velma's clean and intuitive interface
  • Never forget a task with our reminders

Project quality image

  • Libraries of effective marketing pieces
  • Emails that get delivered
  • Proven messages crafted for the borrower and business partners

Stay in control

  • Customize your pieces
  • Be yourself, have fun and build your brand
  • Own your contact list

Achieve results

  • Average Velma user closes 150% more retention loans
  • Relationship marketing increases mindshare in your contact database
  • Partner messaging and management drive referrals

Only $79/month.
No long term contracts.

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