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You use your Encompass LOS to streamline the origination process and lower costs. Connector takes Encompass to the next level with data-driven automation of communications and processes through workflows. We have pre-configured workflows, or you can customize your own workflows, to deliver meaningful business results.

Connector is typically purchased to solve a specific workflow or communication need. However, longer term it provides a platform for ongoing automation and improved results across the digital mortgage journey. Connector workflows can take many forms, but we generally group in the following categories: automation, communication, and reporting.



Automate tedious or complicated processes, saving you time and hassles while reducing risk and errors. With direct access to Encompass data, trigger communications and workflows off of the activities Loan Officers, Loan Processors, and Underwriters are doing today. Eliminate errors through automation and accessing the right data. Automated workflow examples include:

  • ECOA Adverse Action (NOIA letters)
  • Servicing Transfer Letters
  • Appraisal Payment Collection
  • Client Satisfaction Surveys
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Velma has been a leader in building compelling engagements for mortgage professionals since 2007. Our proven communication strategies for prospects, borrowers, partners, and employees utilize multiple communication mediums (e.g. email, text, print, gifts) to deliver meaningful results. We have adaptive content to manage sub-brands and to deliver exactly the right message, to the right people, at the right time. Since Connector has access to all the LOS fields and events, plus bi-directional communication with Encompass, Connector can go far beyond simplistic milestone driven communications common in 3rd party CRM’s today. Communication workflow examples include:

  • TPO Communications
  • Marketing Automation (Including pre-purchase, pre-qualification, pre-refinance, and post close campaigns.)
  • In Process Communications
  • Weekly Realtor Reports
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Connector can automatically deliver custom reports empowering management and employees to act, while reducing the stress, uncertainty, and churn that can be distract us from what is important. Update management with daily snapshot views of loans in the pipeline and key statuses. Or remind Loan Officers of loans that need their attention while providing them an online form to easily provide feedback. And don’t disrupt folks work rhythm by requiring them to log into Encompass; streamline the information sharing. Reporting workflow examples include:

  • Change of Circumstance
  • Disclosures
  • ECOA Status

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After low minimum site license, pricing based on usage. No sneaky expensive per seat fees. No more paying for unused seats.


Connector extends and enhances Encompass. The same actions LO’s, Processors, and Underwriters do today will trigger automated communications and workflows!

CUSTOM FIT Proven Implementation Process

Our experienced implementation team will step you through a custom configuration process to meet your business needs within your environment.


Free Encompass from the overhead of business rules and SDK apps. Connector uses Encompass data directly, which is more flexible and secure than duplicating data.

What our customers say

Quote icon Velma Connector has allowed us to provide more communication to our end users. This ensure that even the busiest of users are kept up to date with task they need to complete. The ECOA process alone has saved users hours of manual data entry.”

Jody Sims System Engineer

Quote icon The overall performance of the Velma Connector is really outstanding. Not only is the compliance a win but the loans require way less resources to manage. We gained efficiency and accuracy.”

Joseph Prettner VP Compliance Operations &
Project Manager

Quote icon Velma Connector has added a needed level to customer facing communications as well as automation of compliance procedures. Not only is Velma Connector a great marketing tool, but it is also an invaluable asset in client, internal staff and external agent communications and automations. We are constantly expanding the toolkit for added efficiencies and gains in ROI.”

Bill Richardson Chief Information Officer

Quote icon I must say, setting up the Auto-Campaign was ridiculously EASY. I love it.”

Matt Q. Loan Partner

Quote icon That’s exactly what we need! A system that will automatically send marketing based on the customer journey.”

Greg R. SVP

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