About Velma

Founded in 2006 by mortgage professionals, Velma is well established in the mortgage industry. Over 40,000 mortgage professionals have used our tools to increase productivity and drive sales.

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Our Mission

Velma drives business results for lenders by enhancing the mortgage origination process through quality engagement, efficiency, and automation.

Cooking up a great company

We use the acronym CHEF to describe out values. Creativity, Humanity, Excellence & Focus.

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Curious minds create better solutions.

So we:

  • Look for better ways to accomplish our goals
  • Are constantly learning & growing
  • Value innovation in evaluating alternative solutions
  • Not afraid to fail, and we will iterate until we get it right
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Success is more than business results.

So we:

  • Have deep empathy and loyalty for others and the clients we serve
  • Try and do the right thing, even if it is beyond what is required
  • Don’t take ourselves too seriously (humility) and share a laugh when we can
  • Remember we are all human and first assume we all have good intentions
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Excellence is not an accident.

So we:

  • Insist on the best from ourselves and each other
  • Operate with a sense of purpose
  • Don't offer excuses or make assumptions
  • Strive to deliver quality in all our interactions
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Progress and success require focus.

So we:

  • Prioritize our objectives and tasks
  • Are fully present, eliminating distractions
  • Have a crystal-clear view of why we do what we do
  • Understand and take full ownership of our roles & responsibilities

A brief history

2007 Launched cloud based SaaS CRM solution
2010 First LOS integration
2013 Mobile responsiveness across all platforms
2016 Scalable hyper-personalization through marketing APIs
2019 Communication and process automation
2020 Launched Connector for next generation marketing and process automation
More to come...

Become a part of our future!

Velma is a friendly, customer centric, entrepreneurial organization with a history of success inside and out. Join a company you will love!